Types of Settings


The Setting Type refers to the metal base that holds a gemstone or diamond in place. Each setting style is created to enhance both, the beauty of the stones and the brilliance of a jewelry piece. If you're wondering what is the best type of setting for you, we've detailed out some of the most common and widely used setting types.


"Micro" refers to the very small distance between the stones set. Micro setting has multiple tiny diamonds, just a half point in size, set very close together under microscopes. This technique is used to achieve an even surface covered with many rows of diamonds.Diamondere is one of the few jewelers that does most of its prong and pave setting under a microscope, to give you that perfect finish.


Prong Settings are the most common and popular type of setting, usually with either 4 or 6 prongs that are bent over the girdle of the gemstone or diamond. Due to the high position of the diamond, it receives maximum exposure to light from top to bottom. Many prefer this setting type for their engagement rings, stud earrings or tennis bracelets as it allows for the greatest exposure of the diamond and minimizes the appearance of the metal. This type of setting can be used for all kinds of faceted stones. It ensure that the stone gets set at just the right height, completely straight, centered and secure. For very large stones that require extra security and support a double prong setting is used.


Pave setting is a nothing but a modified version of prong setting. Derived from the French word "Pave" meaning to be paved, this setting has the diamonds set on the metal with the help of grains which are pulled up from the metal and pushed against the diamond. Such settings with tiny diamonds create a continuous surface of radiance and shimmer and are normally rhodium-plated to enhance the effect of the jewelry. This setting type is preferred for engagement rings and earrings, since the surface of the ring will appear to be encrusted with stones thus giving a brilliant effect.


Channel setting is a method whereby stones are suspended between two bars or strips of metal, called channels. Instead of each stone being held by an individual set of prongs, the stones are fitted into the channel and held into place on each side by a continuous strip of metal. The stones are aligned girdle-to-girdle along the groove and secured by hammering the upper sides of the channel walls. Channel settings can be used for a variety of faceted stones - round, brilliant, princess cut, emerald cut, baguettes etc. This is a popular setting type for diamond rings and tennis bracelets.


A Bezel setting is when a diamond is completely surrounded by metal and is typically used to mount flat-backed stones such as cameos or cabochons. Bezels have a thin rim of precious metal that can be decorative or plain, that circles the stone either entirely or partially. This rim can then be bent slightly inward, toward the stone to help the adhesive hold it in place. Bezels can have straight edges, scalloped edges, or can be molded into any shape to accommodate the stone. The bezel setting is often used with round shaped diamonds, but also works well with other diamond shapes.


A pressure setting is one where the traditional settings that hold the gemstone in place are not present and only the pressure of the gold against the stone holds it in place. In this more than seven round brilliant cut diamonds are clubbed together, the center stone is surrounded and held by other stones. For pressure setting the circumference of the diamond is of utmost importance, since even the slightest of difference creates a possibility that the diamonds may fall. Pressure setting gives a look and feel of a round brilliant solitaire diamond and hence is popular.


Invisible setting is one of the most difficult setting methods. In this setting, the stones are positioned in such a manner that metal is not visible in between stones, giving the appearance of an uninterrupted and continuous surface. The stones are grooved just below the girdle and then those grooved stones are slid onto metal tracks to hold them in place. Invisible setting is best suited to square, princess, emerald, baguette, and trillion cut diamonds and gemstones because the straight edges can be positioned very close to each other without leaving any space between them. This technique is used to create the illusion of larger diamonds.


Illusion setting has the stone placed in a collet of reflective and brightly burnished metal. Then the metal edges are cut or shaped so that when bent around the stone, they create the illusion of being a part of the stone. Such a setting is used mainly for a small diamond, so as to enhance its apparent size. For e.g. small princess cut diamonds, set next to each other in an Illusion Setting and held from below can give the illusion of one larger princes cut diamond.

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