Custom Design

There used to be a time when Online custom designing a jewelry piece was expensive and time prohibitive, but that is simply not the case when you talk to us. Our one-of-a-kind design experience helps you make a personal statement that mass-produced jewelry can't. Karat Square helps you customize any of our luxury piece with gemstones, color diamonds or alternative metal options to create a piece that is perfect for your personality. If you wish, we can also create and design one of a kind jewelry piece to your specifications using a 3-D technology that brings your vision to life. The best of all this is you will be charged the same way as any other of our product.

How does it work?

Consult with an Expert

It all starts with an idea or imagination. you will then pick up your phone and dial us. You will speak with one of our design explode and they will help you narrow down all your design requirements and discuss all the possibilities

Design with an Artist

After narrowing down on what you want us to make, we will create a 3-D version of your imagination. We want the final piece to be perfect, so we will keep doing revisions of the CAD version until you are completely satisfied with the design. Upon completion of this stage, we will be able to give you product details such as gold weight, diamond and gemstone details. We will also give you an estimate based on these details.

See your design come to life

Once this all gets finalized, we will make a 3-D plastic model of your design. This is the most accurate version of your final product. At this stage, you will get to see how exactly your product will look and we will also send it to you if you wish.

Get a free sample made

Since it is not feasible for us to accept a return for a custom made order, we have found way out just for you. If you wish and have a bit of patience then we will make a sample of your design in silver and cubic zirconia so that you get to try it before you make the final purchase.We will ship this sample to you for a minimal price. If you like it (Which you will) then return the piece and use the cashback for your final purchase and if you don't like it as much you can choose to modify the design or simply return it.

Get it crafted by skilled Jeweler

After getting a final approval from your side, we will begin creating your unique piece using wax casting. Our experienced gem-setters then set each stone by hand. Lastly, it will be polished to bring out the luster in your exquisite luxury piece. To make sure that the final product is exactly as you imagined we will carry a thorough check before sending it to you.

We want Karat Square to become a brand that is known for its customizable and personalized fine jewelry online. At Karat Square, we have made it our mission to offer a custom design service that puts 'you' in control, and provide you with a beautiful, elegant and one-of-a-kind luxury piece that will last a lifetime.

"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different."

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Gold & Diamond Jewelry online

We at Karat Square have an enormous collection of gold and diamond jewelry online in India. Our jewelry designs are exquisitely made for today's Indian woman. Be it solitaire engagement rings, gemstone jewelry or your every day wear jewelry collection, you will be sure to find something on The time has gone when gold jewelry was considered an investment. The new generation considers it as a symbol of love and care. A light weight jewelry gifting a jewelry has been the popular option and will continue to grow in near future.

Contemporary Jewellery Designs Online

At Karat Square, we are well aware of today's woman's desires for jewelry. Hence, you will find all our designs to be contemporary, classic, modern, timeless yet elegant. What Karat Square brings is a collection of best jewelry designs online under various categories. Be it engagement rings, hoops and cuffs, light weight necklaces, you will get to see a huge variety of jewelry designs while browsing through our online jewellery store.

Shop with Karat Square

Shopping online for fine jewelry or specifically diamond jewelry has never been easier. We at Karat Square only sell Hallmarked gold and 100% certified diamond jewellery. We have taken this approach to make our online jewelry shopping more trustworthy for our customers. All our products are certified by third-party international laboratories such as GIA, IGI, EGL, GSI and BIS Hallmark. Other than this, we have made luxury jewelry more affordable by keeping our prices up to 30% lower than traditional retail stores. We could achieve this by constantly optimizing inventory, lower overheads, directly sourcing are diamonds from the world's diamond city Surat and most importantly eliminating the middleman from the supply chain.

Karat Square offers easy returns and lifetime exchange and buyback services so that you can be worry free. We have made our offerings on multiple platforms so that you can just sit back and shop the latest jewelry designs from the comfort of your home. Our higher priority for quality makes sure that the luxury piece you will get is of top notch quality. We manufacture our own jewelry hence we can control the quality by constant inspections at the various stages of the manufacturing process.

Online jewelry store in India.

Searching for your favorite party or everyday wear jewelry designs will not be a hassle. And even if you don't find what you like we can also make it for you by custom designing it. Be it earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, you will find a variety of latest precious jewelry designs all under one roof at Karat Square. Our motto is to redefine the way that jewelry has been worn in India. Our designs are untraditional, uncommon, edgy and fussy, so if that sounds like you, you are in the right place.

Customized and Personalized Jewelry Online

We have made it possible to customize a unique piece of jewelry online from scratch. We can do this by leveraging 3-D technology to turn your imagination into reality. At Karat Square you can customize your choice of jewelry as per your requirements. So go ahead and create that one-of-a-kind luxury piece for your loved ones. The same way we can also make personalized gemstone jewelry, name jewelry, initials jewelry and engraving onto your favorite piece.